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Flipkart is the most reliable online shop online founded in 2007. This online shop is known for ever-increasing updates in every category of products. Even though this company has commenced as a bookstore online, Flipkart today sells 100% genuine products in different categories for people of every age group. Customers of this online shop search for Flipkart Cashback offers eagerly. They can make use of Cashora and be aware of the latest discount coupons of Flipkart. They will be satisfied with an easy way to identify the discount coupon and use the coupon promptly for reducing shopping expenses at Flipkart.  

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Term & Condition Expires in 3 days
Flipkart does NOT accept any Missing Cashback Claims. Hence, we do not get paid for any missing transactions and are unable to process Missing Cashback claims. ( Incase cashback don’t get tracked, you are requested to cancel the product and re-order it again using the guidelines mentioned below).Missing Cashback tickets for Flipkart will be marked as Declined as we are not allowed to forward them to Flipkart.

1. Offer valid for a limited time only while stocks last
2. To earn Cashback, remember to visit retailer through Cashora & then place your order
3. Cashback may not paid on purchases made using store credits/gift vouchers
4. Cashback is not payable if you return any part of your order. Unfortunately even if you exchange any part of your order, Cashback for the full order will be Cancelled
5. Do not visit any other price comparison, coupon or deal site in between clicking-out from Cashora & ordering on retailer's site
6. Only use Coupons available on to ensure validity & Cashback tracking. Restrictions may apply in some cases.
7. Flipkart gives rewards in the Form Of Gift Voucher / Recharge only. Their is no NEFT transfer available.